I'm An Atheist, Not Just An Artist - FreeVibe 

It’s time the world should understand religion can no more hold peace in this world. Religion can no more frighten children for them to do what’s right. Everyone now knows the truth: religion was just created so that people…

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What Lies Behind The "Gye Wani" Song

"Gye Wani" is a Twi word that translate itself to English as either "Be Happy", "Enjoy" or "Party Hard. Since we only have one life to live on Earth, man has to enjoy in this life time because there's…

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FreeVibe Presents The "Upness Album"


The Upness Album, the debut album by FreeVibe (a rap artist from Kumasi, Ghana), was
released earlier today, September 1, 2018. 

Upness, being the second studio album by FreeVibe is made up of eight tracks. The songs…

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