FreeVibe is a rap artist from Kumasi, Ghana. He has been into music for a while, as he once said in an interview, “I remember doing music when I was a kid (about 5 years old), where I used to play with friends using sticks as microphones and empty containers as drums. I chose this path because I wanted to spread the good news”. 

However, FreeVibe took his music career to a different level after he graduated from high school in 2013. He started writing his own songs and took part and formed a team known as The Rap Dealers (TRD). The team went apart in the late 2015 and this made FreeVibe to take a solo path as an artist. 

In the earlier 2016, FreeVibe recorded his first mastered track with the title ‘See The Lady’. Later on, he released ‘Party All Night Long’, ‘FreeVibe On It’ and ‘Memories’ in the same year. Before 2016 ended, FreeVibe promised his fans on an album and on the 15th of March, 2017, he released ‘The Revolution EP’, an album that boosted his name and identity in the music industry. The Revolution EP was a success as it was featured on many platforms and got the artist a couple of radio interviews. 

FreeVibe never relaxed just because he had a successful album release but went ahead and released another hit single he titled ‘Am Going Wild’. This song was also a success as it got featured on many top sites and topped many charts for a while. The song also got radio plays from within and outside the country, Ghana. Just to end this fruitful year, FreeVibe released another single with the title, ‘Nketoade’, which also got music lovers entertained due to its dance nature. 

The rapper is still working on other projects which will be released sooner or later this year. So get ready for the best because “I’m the best to your best” –FreeVibe.

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